Different options that offer a variety of amounts loans

More and more independent individuals or entrepreneurs are turning to business loans for their organizations. With the loans to start a business, you get the ability to acquire resources to put your idea to work.

If you have the possibility to pay in a short period of time, the financial institution or lender can give loans at very low-interest rates, which is definitely an advantage.

Different options that offer a variety of amounts of loans


There are different options that offer a variety of amounts and deadlines to pay the loan you requested, it is important that you organize well to meet these deadlines established in the established time. In many of the institutions that offer online loans do not make loans to companies. However, there are also entities that only offer these types of loans for your company and you can make use of these services without any problem. You need to check the terms and conditions well.

Some entities make loans of a higher amount, depending on whether there is any type of guarantees such as property or any other type of asset. For loans of higher amounts, with collateral, the terms to pay the debt are higher. There are also several options for smaller amounts and in which the required documentation is smaller.

The previous planning that you carry out

The previous planning that you carry out

We reiterate that the previous planning that you carry out with your financial advisors is very important. It is important that you be informed from the beginning about what the conditions are if at any time you do not pay any of the fees.

It is very likely that taxes or commissions increase you the longer you let pass without canceling the debt. Go to Bobbsey Twins.com/mx and find out about financing options to start a business we have for you.

There is a wide variety of business loans and some ask for more documentation than others. In some cases, you can request the money even if you are in a delinquent file. In other cases, you are asked for proof of financial solvency or other types of guarantees such as property, cars, among other assets.

There are also some of the support alternatives offered by the Mexican government through INADEM (National Entrepreneur Institute).

National Entrepreneur Fund

National Entrepreneur Fund

In this fund, loans are available for any type of business, with the exception of those projects that focus on the primary sector, that is, activities such as fishing, agriculture, mining, livestock or logging. The first thing you must do to access this fund is to be registered in the system, which is very easy. All programs are directed towards public institutions, companies, entrepreneurs, incubators, among others.


This credit is aimed at Mexican citizens who are between 18 and 35 years old. Particular of this loan is that it is made with banking institutions, however, debtors also have the support of the Mexican federal government, which makes debtors have preferential interest rates.

You can request from 50 thousand up to 2.5 million dollars and you can invest in both new business and one that is already in progress.

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